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To help you nail your presentation (PowerPoint Presenter Coach uses AI)

It monitors your presentation and gives you feedback on your pace, pronunciation, eye contact, and other factors.

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If you’re the type of person who meticulously fine-tunes their PowerPoint presentations the night before, or if you simply want to focus on improving your speaking style, Microsoft’s AI is ready to assist you with PowerPoint Presenter Coach.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach, which was first released in July 2019, is now generally available for Windows, the web, and even iOS and Android, according to Microsoft. The tool analyses several aspects of your presentation, from the language you use to how you address the audience and provides feedback. To use Presenter Coach, you must have a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft is even adding new criticisms as the service goes live, with a focus on presentations you make on Teams or Zoom. First, the Presenter Coach will examine the following body language: If you’re constantly looking away from the camera, the Coach will remind you to use your eyes to engage your audience. The Coach is specifically looking for a clear view of your face and that your eyes are directed at the camera. Finally, it will inform you whether you are too close or too far away to be clearly seen.

The Presenter Coach will be on the lookout for your body language. Do you tend to overuse certain words or phrases? Do you keep repeating yourself? If you do, the Presenter Coach will mark you as needing to improve.

Finally, the Presenter Coach will pay attention to your pronunciation and make suggestions using a recorded pronunciation guide. Microsoft admitted in a blog post that this feature could be controversial. The feedback is being improved for what Microsoft calls “General American English,” but you will be able to disable it if you disagree with the suggestions or don’t find them useful in any other way.

Presenter Coach will most likely include the features that Microsoft originally planned, such as catching you if you accidentally say a bad word during your presentation.

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How to use Presenter Coach for PowerPoint

To begin working with the Presenter Coach, you must first open your presentation in PowerPoint. Click Rehearse with Coach in the Slide Show tab, as part of the Rehearse Group. Then, to begin your presentation, click Start Rehearsing, and check the Show real-time feedback box if you want ongoing guidance. However, do not start speaking until you see the Listening… prompt appears. If you’ve enabled real-time guidance, the Coach will tell you not to use “filler” words as you speak, for example.

In the end, you’ll see a Rehearsal Report that sums up the Coach’s feedback. But do not forget to take a screenshot! For your privacy, Microsoft will delete the feedback after you’ve finished, and it will also not save a recording of your performance.

Author: Jace Mrazz is a Microsoft Office expert with 5 years of experience in the technology industry. He has written technical and SEO blogs, white papers, and reviews for a variety of websites including office.com/setup and microsoft365.com/setup.